Acupuncture is the Gateway to Pain Management

Currently, around one third of Australians are experiencing different types of pain in their lives. Medical conditions (such as cancer, arthritis and back problems), injuries and surgery are the three significant causes of pain. Due to unpredictable reasons, like unfound of the cause of the pain or no effective treatments for it, or even the cause may be remedied, but the related pain will linger on at times. The pain, which is lasting more than three months, is known as chronic. Usually, western technology of pain management is suing pain-killing medication.

Many have also discovered that the natural combined treatment of acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, which is based on the Meridian and Zangfu theory, can bring relief and outstanding results for a broad range of illness.

David Tu, a registered Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Chinese Herbalist with 30 years of experience, said that Chinese medicine finds and resolves the root of the ailment versus taking a palliative care approach and treating symptoms only. It helps the body’s recovery from injuries quicker, bringing more positive energy to peoples’ lives with balance and control of the body.

Pain can cause people to become less active, suffer muscle fatigue, stress, depression, insomnia and nerve sensitivity.

“Firstly, for the outer body factor, blood stasis is responsible for pain problems”, says David.

“Many people of drink cold beverages and food, or sleep with parts of their body exposed to cold air can have the cold and wind invade their bodies while they are sleeping.

“According to a Chinese Medicine theory, cold and wind often result in blood stasis, which causes the pain”

David says that because the liver controls the regulation of Qi (pronounced chi) by storing and releasing blood flow, when the liver Qi stagnates, blood stasis and pain can occur.

David says arthritis is another common diseased and is the leading cause of pain. These include conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, carpal tunnel syndrome, lupus, Lyme disease, ankylosing spondylitis, bursitis, tendonitis and fibromyalgia (generalized pain and muscle stiffness), to name a few.

Treating arthritis in Chinese medicine focuses on ridding the body of the invading pathogens, restoring normal circulation and the flow of blood and Qi, promoting emotional harmony and fortifying the Kidney/Vitality system.

Effective treatments include acupuncture, moxibustion (heat therapy with the herb mugwort), herbal and dietary therapy, exercise therapy, cupping and massage.

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