Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Stress and Anxiety

Chinese Medicine recognizes that a variety of causes and conditions continually arise in life which shift our energy. Because of these shifts, we may not feel happy all the time, nor are we expected to, according to Chinese medicinal perspectives.

Registered acupuncturist from Diamond Bridge Clinic, David Tu, said “In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), generalized anxiety involves a disharmony in certain organs in the body that throw our mental system out of whack.”

“Common symptoms of anxiety are worry, sweating, trembling, muscle tension, insomnia, mental depression, distress of the chest, hypochondriac pain, abdominal pain, nausea, abnormal bowel movement and an inability to concentrate.”

“There is usually not one single organ that is causing disruptions but it can be a complex array of different organ problems that cause pathology resulting in anxiety symptoms. The organs that are involved with anxiety in Chinese Medicine are heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.”

David explains the shen, or “spirit”, that resides in the heart. When rooted and stable, a person is able to openly express themselves and feel calm. When the shen is unstable, a person feels anxious and unsettled. They may have insomnia as well as an unfocused mind.

“The liver in TCM ensures a smooth flow of energy and blood throughout the body. The liver Qi gives force to your life and expresses your “vision” or goals in your life.

“Stress and an inability to achieve what we would like can stagnate the liver Qi where frustration and anger can result. Tension can appear that may manifest as irritability, headaches, as well as jaw and neck tension.”

“The spleen is a major organ for digestion in Chinese medicine, which enables energy output as well as nourishment to the body.” David adds.

“Overthinking depletes the spleen energy. When this is depleted, a person can experience low energy output as well as digestive system issues.”

David said the lungs in Chinese medicine help to enable energy nourishment as well as Qi flow. “The emotion that is connected to the lungs is grief. Therefore, an imbalance in the lung organ can result in low energy, frequent crying as well as spontaneous sweating or coughing.”

The last organ that may be involved with anxiety disorders is the kidney. “The kidney encompasses our essence. It is responsible for our will power. When this is imbalanced, fear can manifest”, according to David.

When David treats people with stress and emotional disorders using acupuncture and Chinese herbs, he tailors an individualized and focused treatment strategy to the specific imbalances of each person. He places acupuncture needles in the body to open up blockages in energy flow, and to support systems that are weak or out of balance with the rest of the body. His approach allows the body to heal itself naturally, and the tailored treatment has been proven to be very effective. Treatment also aims to resolve the problems from the root cause, for lasting relief.

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